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A classic trenchcoat is one of the most essential and timeless pieces you can add to your collection. Although it’s perfect to top a suit or more formal attires, incorporating it into more relaxed looks to achieve a thoughtful balance is also a great way to sport it. Besides that elegant/relaxed mix what I love about this is how so many different complementing colors blend in for a perfect outcome: the plaid on the shirt, denim on the jacket, brown scarf, charcoal jeans and tan topcoat. 

Trench by Paul Smith, plaid linen shirt by Boglioli, denim jacket by Levi’s, jeans by H&M (drain), cap toe oxford shoes by Paul Smith, floral patterned scarf by Épice, leather gloves by Casa das Peles and patterned socks by H&M.

Model and Styling: Miguel Vieira

Photography: Rita Lino

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